Tracking Phone #'s Made Easy


Marketing phone #'s Made Easy


Tracking your marketing. Recording calls so that you know what is being said. It’s one thing that makes so many people nervous. How will I track all of my marketing? Which list is doing well? What is the person answering the phone saying? Is my script doing well? Is it going to be expensive? Well, the answer is…wait for it….no. It’s not going to be hard and it’s not going to be expensive.

With this tool you can easily obtain new phone numbers quickly and efficiently. You can track each call from each marketing piece, text blast campaign or bandit sign. The numbers are inexpensive and the calls are easily added to Podio or other CRM. Calls can be recorded and added to the lead. For a low monthly cost, you can get 10 local phone numbers, call recording, integrate with your CRM, and grab live calls. This is the game changer of your business. You can get the tool easily enough, but members get so much more. Join today and find out more. (CallRail loves us. We call them a lot. Just to say hello. Nah, just kidding. But they did give us an affiliate link. More pennies.)