Managing Seller Lists Made Easy



After a while, you will have lots of lists of sellers and had lots of contacts with people. This tool allows you to mange those lists so that you spend money wisely. This is because you may have the same people on multiple lists. You do not want to be inadvertently sending more mail than you need to send. Additionally, you need a way to remove the people that have either asked not to be contacted further, yelled at you, or simply are not motivated yet. You can also track if one seller is on multiple lists and determine the most motivated people. For example, a seller that appears on a probate list, a foreclosure list and a judgment list is probably a better lead than if they appear on only one list. This product also filters your lists to check if the address is valid, it’s an absentee owner, or if they have returned mail (they don’t live there anymore).

So click above if you are ready to use the tool. (This product offers us an affiliate link. They don’t need to…we would still recommend it). If you are not ready yet, our members can get help using the tool and further training into using it with the other tools. So click below and join us.