SMS/Text Marketing Made Easy



Do you read sms/text when you receive them… OF COURSE YOU DO! We all look at our texts during the day. We may not always answer the phone, but that notification indicating we have a message, we usually respond. Leaving a targeted sms/text for a motivated seller is an inexpensive way to try and connect. As more and more people move to cell phones and away from landlines, this becomes even more effective. It’s easy to ignore or throw out a piece of mail, it’s harder to ignore a text. (Hint: NO affiliate link here! We have found texting marketing to be fantastic are providing two direct sources above).

SMS/Text has been around for years. It’s been considered a contact tool for retail providers for people who opt-in for services, and for even school notifications. However, there is a legitimate concern that we should not be contacting those on the DNC (do not call) list. So understand that by using this technology there is a risk of inadvertently contacting those on the DNC list. Remember to always scrub your motivated seller lists against the DNC & known litigators. Not all SMS platforms offer these services. Both the platforms above automatically provide these services with a subscription.

Of course, the tool itself is valuable. So those that are ready, click the photo above and set up an account. Everyone else, become a member and learn how to use it and accelerate your marketing.