Skip Tracing Made Easy



What is skip tracing? Why is it so hard to find one a service that performs? Skip tracing is basically taking a list that you purchased or made, such as a driving for dollars list, and getting the missing or most up to date information for that list of people.

There are many, many companies that do skip tracing. There are also lots and lots of scams. So we looked far and wide in our own business to locate accurate data for sellers. We even tried directly contracting with credit bureau providers or large powerhouses like TLO or IDI data. What we discovered was that it is simpler and more efficient to grab a list, upload it to a provider and get it back in a day or two with the updated information. The cost was similar.

Whether you plan to do direct mail, leave voice messages (RVM) or cold call, most lists do not come with the most up to date information and most lack phone numbers. Skip tracing can get this missing or incomplete information.

We narrowed it down to Skip Trace Lists. The pricing and service are good. As with these services, users can access the discounted rates by clicking above. (Danger: you will save money here and its an affiliate link). The non-members can use discount coupon “easycoupon” without the quotes for .25 cents for each record submitted. So if you send 1000 person list, you pay $250. Our members receive a discounted rate of .20 cents for each record submitted, training on using the lists and advanced topics that focus around combining tools.