Low Cost Marketing Lists


The lists are the beginning of your search for motivated sellers. You need lists of potential prospects to begin mailing, RVM, or cold calling. So, this truly is step one in the process. You will be targeting specific properties, demographics, or specific events. These list providers can also be used to access market data, build your buyers list, or target private lenders. Lists are available from three services: Listability, Listsource and EB Lists. If you sign up for the services, you are given access to the discounted rates we have negotiated for our users. If you sign up a member, you receive the discounts and training on what lists to use, how to create the lists, and examples of how we use them. In short, access to cheap lists is great, but how and when to use them is the real key.

Here are the discounted rates you will receive:

  • 20% off Listability Orders

  • .15 records with mobile phone #’s

  • 03 records with Listsource

    Orders can be placed below. Remember this is one of those pesky affiliate links. If you decide to become a member, and receive the additional bonuses and training, the membership can be accessed below.