Making Offers Easy


Writing offers…

Offers, amendments, assignments, inspections, contingencies….. what does it all mean? The terms of an offer often determine the profitability of a project. The contracts you use may also change with your exit strategy. Do you plan to buy and hold? Are you working with seller finance? Wholesaling the property? People fret and fear their contracts are not good enough. Then repeatedly ask equally confused people in Facebook groups for advice. Not a very sound strategy. The documents that detail the transaction are the most important part of any deal. They actually dictate what is supposed to happen.

So when we decided to offer these tools, we realized we can also help with this kind of information as well. It’s the benefit of working with an attorney who is also an investor. (DISCLAIMER: this is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please google, call and hire an attorney). But we do have answers for you. We can help you navigate the shark infested waters. But this tool is only for our members. So if you need help, join today.