Direct Mail Made Easy


It all starts here…

Once you have your lists, it’s time to decide what to do next. You have the option of skip tracing the list and using RVM to leave them messages, cold call them, and/or mail your potential leads. It depends on your budget and your preferences. But mail is a key component of generating leads and talking to motivated sellers. The mail has to be quick, affordable and get you directly in front of your seller. It has to be simple to use and has to give you the option to make your own mail piece or select one of their pieces. But direct mail also has to change as the markets change. We have found one direct mail company that serves the real estate professional better than the others, probably because the owner is a real estate investor.

So, if you are ready to start sending direct mail and you want to get the discounted rates, click the image above and get started. (Warning: you are saving money here with an affiliate link). If you choose to join the membership, you get the discounts but you also get weekly troubleshooting, information on how to select the best mail piece, and more. So, click below.