7 Weeks of Tactical Systems & Processes that

Will Shift the Path of Your Business


Apply to Join Today and Get Access to Seven Weeks that:

Shows you the tactical side of real estate, the processes

Provides the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to use

Begins with the backbone of the business and builds upon it

Identifies how to automate tasks to operate with fewer people

Clarifies the staff you need and how to train them quickly

Provides the checklists to monitor and control your business

Result: Do More Deals and Make More Money.

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What You Get…

👍 Simple Systems to help you run your business

👍 Documented Processes to execute your business plans

👍 Done for You Checklists to get you where you want to go

👍 Tools to Implement These Processes

👍 Proven Recommended Software and Integration of Tools

  • What it is NOT…

    Not Sales Training (See John Martinez for that)

    Not Wholesaling Training (Pick one of them)

    Not Hiring or Business Advice (See Gary Harper for that)

    Not marketing advice, but the process of handling the lead when comes in.


Here’s the schedule:

7week course map.JPG

What People are Saying About

Easy Button REI……

Easy Button REI, really is easy to use
— Nir Wittenberg

Why Join? Hear it Straight From the Beast…..



  • Established investors who want to improve and streamline

  • Good attitude and a little OCD (just kidding……..but maybe not)

  • Struggling with tools and deciding what procedures to follow

  • Looking for the process that fits their style and culture

  • Does not believe that “douchebag” or other variation is a management style

  • Understands that systems and processes always evolve

  • People who love to share ideas, which will make us all better


  • Mr. (or Ms.) shiny object

  • Negative people that always find something wrong (we just don’t want to be around you)

  • Anyone who does believe “douchebag” is a management style

  • People who can’t follow directions or think systems are silly

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