Follow Up Made Easy


The worst of all the sales sins…

There is no bigger problem in any kind of sales than the lack of follow up. This is just calling the seller back, reminding them you want to buy and waiting for them to be ready to sell. In real estate, as with many other types of “sales” jobs, not everyone is ready to sell right away. That is fine. But you have to be in front of their mind when they do decide to sell.

I cannot tell a lie, I suck at it. My intentions are good, I want to talk to the sellers, all of them. But we get busy and there is a new crop of sellers and I simply forget. Well, I used to forget. Now, I have embraced automation, thrown out the excel spread sheets that haunted my dreams, and now I don’t nearly miss the follow up as often. So, how did we do this feat? Well, we automated what we could including texts, emails, and series of letters and postcards. But we also used statuses for accounts, task reminders, staff that handled the task for me, and managed calendars.

Additionally, how do you know what to say when you follow up? What if you have a script to follow and knew exactly what to say? Well, as a member, we have you covered. Join today and learn more.