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Never worry about leads falling through the cracks again while keeping it simple - Crm Made Easy


Real estate professionals seem to struggle with how to manage their business more than ever before. The list of tools seems endless. No less so with data or lead management. Additionally, people feel very strongly about “their” tool and all claim to have the best. We stopped wondering about this two years ago. Our Customer Resource Management (CRM) tool is different. Beast Mode CRM has a big name and does not let you down. It is actually designed by a real estate professional because he was frustrated with so-called top of the line products that were cumbersome and difficult to use. So, he built it from the ground up. Along the way, incorporating into Beast Mode CRM all the things we as professionals need. Simplicity, automated follow up, tracking what you do, and easy integration with all the tools such as your website, phones, text service, documents, electronic signatures, and more. No more jumping to different screens to follow the lead. One simple work space for leads with all the details in one spot. Need to hear call recordings? No problem, it’s right there with that lead. Want to send a text to a lead? Do it right there. In fact, because we use it every day, we saw where it needed improvement. So it has evolved to become exactly what you need to track leads and close more transactions.

Now, Beast Mode CRM is not for everyone. Not everyone needs a CRM when they are just starting. So, don’t jump in as a new investor. There is a simple and free version for new investors. As you grow and develop, you simply move up. But if you are ready to go, click above and get Beast Mode CRM. If you need a little more help, join us and learn more about how to use a CRM and integrate all these tools to become better at manging leads, follow up and tracking performance.

Wait. No pithy comment about this being an affiliate product? Where is my warning? My snarky comment? Sorry to disappoint. This one is Don’s product. No link. No pennies. He’s cheap that way. Just click below.