Comparable & Nationwide MLS Data Made Easy


Finding Comps and having access to MLS data nationwide made easy


The second most common problem for real estate professionals is establishing comparable sales (comps) to arrive at a value of a property. It’s hard to make an offer when you don’t have a good idea of the value of the property. Zillow values are not reliable. MLS is great but costly and not available unless you are a realtor. But even that is problematic if you are in a state that doesn’t report sale price, yeah I’m talking about you Texas. So, how do you establish reliable value?

You can definitely sit down and scroll for hours through and view properties that sold. You could also scroll through tons of sales in zillow. But as real estate professionals, our time is very valuable. Enter PropStream. This software allows you to search properties nationwide and view sales and detailed property information with the push of a button. It is so much more than just nationwide comps. It is loaded with data and also has some property owner information as well. It has a ton of features in one little package. It has a seven day trial, and I’d say use every minute of it. (Yes, Timmy, this is an affiliate link). Our members well receive useful tips to expedite the use of PropStream, all of it’s features and the potential marketing lists that can be pulled from it.