Bandit Signs


Full Disclosure…

We no longer do bandit signs as a strategy for seller marketing. So, why on earth do we have this here? So many new people start here and love it. For some real estate people, this is their main source of deals. Congrats. But given that we promised you that Easy Button REI would be your one stop shop for all your tools, we had to find you the best ones, even for things we no longer do. It’s all about your options. Many, many real estate folks love these darn things.

So, having reviewed costs, and interviewed the people who do use bandit signs today, it turns out that Signs on the Cheap, has the best deals. (Seriously, you know what I’m going to say. Yep, affiliate link) What to look for when ordering? The most important things is that they will print them with handwritten font and double sided. They can’t look preprinted. So check it out. We have a 40% off coupon waiting for you. CLICK HERE!

Can you do bandit signs yourself? Just pick up a sharpie and the signs? Sure. But having them preprinted saves a ton of time and aggravation. Particularly if you have horrible handwriting, like me.

Of course, people will ask “what will we teach our members about bandit signs”? This strategy is something we did for a long time. There are apps that help with it and things that can be done to make it more profitable. Lastly, while we don’t use bandit signs for sellers, we do use them for buyers. Want to know how? Click below.