7 Weeks of Tactical Systems & Processes that Will Shift

the Path of Your Business

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Apply to Join Today and Get Access to Seven Weeks that:

  • Shows you the tactical side of real estate, the processes

  • Provides the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to use

  • Begins with the backbone of the business and builds upon it

  • Identifies how to automate tasks to operate with fewer people

  • Clarifies the staff you need and how to train them quickly

  • Provides the checklists to monitor and control your business

    Result: Do More Deals and Make More Money.

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What You Get…

  • Simple Systems to help you run your business

  • Documented Processes to execute your business plans

  • Done for You Checklists to get you where you want to go

  • Tools to Implement These Processes

  • Proven Recommended Software and Integration of Tools

  • What it is NOT…

  • Not Sales Training (See John Martinez for that)

  • Not Wholesaling Training (Pick one of them)

  • Not Hiring or Business Advice (See Gary Harper for that)

  • Not marketing advice, but the process of handling the lead when comes in.


Here’s the schedule:


What People are Saying About Easy Button REI……

Easy Button REI, really is easy to use
— Nir Wittenberg

Why Join? Hear it Straight from the Beast…..



  • Established investors who want to improve and streamline

  • Good attitude and a little OCD (just kidding……..but maybe not)

  • Struggling with tools and deciding what procedures to follow

  • Looking for the process that fits their style and culture

  • Does not believe that “douchebag” or other variation is a management style

  • Understands that systems and processes always evolve

  • People who love to share ideas, which will make us all better


  • Mr. (or Ms.) shiny object

  • Negative people that always find something wrong (we just don’t want to be around you)

  • Anyone who does believe “douchebag” is a management style

  • People who can’t follow directions or think systems are silly

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